eDrive XD Hydraulic

Outback eDriveXD Hydraulic

Building on the performance of eDriveTC, Outback eDriveXD™ takes it to the next level. When combined with the Outback MAX or Outback STX, the eDriveXD system provides an accurate and affordable steering platform to meet today’s precision needs. eDriveXD offers growers the decimeter-level performance needed to tackle tillage, spraying, harvesting and spreading applications while providing a quick return on investment.

Key eDrive XD Advantages

  • Versatile straight, contour and circle pivot steering modes
  • Model specific installation kits allow for quick installation
  • Outback Max and Outback STX  compatible
  • Quick single-season return on investment
  • Up to 1 decimeter (4 in) cross track performance