Outback Rebel Row-Crop


All-in-one REBEL™ comes fully-loaded with everything you need for the farming you do at one price

No hidden fees or extra unlocks for critical software
Easy setup for your equipment
Always connected with built-in WiFi
Always current with wireless updates of your software
Simple-to-use with short-cut keys, LED power button, pinch-to-zoom

Autosteer Anywhere

REBEL™ intelligent autosteering lets you focus on farming, not steering
Let go with automatic headland turns
Stay precise after the turn with eTurns™ to get you back on track fast
Adapt to any terrain with all path types included
Return to till, spray, plant or harvest with every path stored
Easy calibration for optimal precision with pre-loaded profiles, and automated fine-tuning.

Control Anything

Keep an eye on everything or let REBEL™ take control of rates and implement sections
See your implements in action with ISOBUS and Camera windows integrated in the REBEL™ display
Control application rates automatically with optional ISOBUS Task and Multi-Product control available for modern ISOBUS implements
Older implement? Optional AC110 module provides application rate and implement section control for a range of legacy implements

2-4" precision


Complete package:
Includes display, antenna, software, control system and hydraulic kit for
your equipment



7" Touchscreen Display
  • Ruggedized 7-inch touchscreen display
  • Built-in WiFi/Bluetooth for connectivity
  • ISOBUS UT interface
  • IP Camera ready
  • Power button with LED status or use vehicle ignition
  • Fanless cooling for quiet operation
  • On-board help system
  • Over-the-air software updates
XC Drive
  • eDrive XC row-crop steering system
  • Guidance paths include A=B Pattern, A+ Direction, Pivot, A=B Contour, Detour Contour, and Free-Form Contour
  • eTurns for effortless end-of-row turns and proportional valve control for rapid line acquisition after turn
  • Unique steering algorithms for 2WD, MFWD tractors, articulated tractors, sprayers, combines, and swathers
Standard Antenna
  • Utilizes free WAAS GPS
  • Tracks L1, L1CA and L1P satellite signals
  • Rugged design, small footprint
    < 60 sec. cold start time
    < 30 sec. warm start time
    < 10 sec. hot start time